Benefit of being mortal

Today I received a disheartening news of passing away of a family member.

A sad news indeed to lose a living body that always smiles and encouraging. Full of encouragement and to me personally, symbolise what hardwork and what focus is all about.

We are all mortal.

The fact that we will pass on one day is real and evitable.

However, like the saying goes “everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody want to die”.

That fact that we are mortal, the fact that we will pass on one day is the greatest motivation for the living soul.

It is known fact, but we are not prepared to let go, drifting in the sea of worldly possession, still holding on like tomorrow never ends, till the time is up.

We are going to be flushed out, and replaced with the new.

There is no material thing to bring in our grave. Maybe our family member clad us with the best suit and the most expensive coffin, but that’s it.

Being immortal, and to face eventual death, which is anytime soon, require us to change our mindset about living life now and prepare to pass on legacy to others.

To me, the death of someone, remind me that we are all mortal – is the most beneficial moment.

Being certified financial planner, I normally urge my client to prepare estate planning now, yes now!


Depending on your family structure, your demise may be the very thing that shock the entire family, and extended family.

Family is sadden by your loss, but your family may be more sadden, thinking for themselves, how to live for the next 10 years. Also, how to handle life emotionally and economically, without you around.

Remembering death, automatically trigger our brain to this – our immediate family needs.

We always tend to think the best, to be the best, to do the best.

But being the best, is also preparing for the eventual death.

Knowing that we already prepare a valid document, outline wealth distribution, writing our final love letter, appoint trustworthy trustee – gives us peace of mind, to do the adventure that we want to do today.

Emotionally, we will be remembered by how we take care of our family, our legacy that we leave behind.

At the same time, all the monetary tools that we prepare to beneficiaries, will work for them the best way possible.

Remember, only you know your material world business, no body else is.

That is on material thing. More meaningful is your love letter to your family, and the set of instructions to your trustee to execute.

So that you are still “alive” and take care of your love ones, long after you are gone, and your legacy carries on.

One more thing.

In our Will and Trust, we write down our plan and our wish.

What does this do?

While living everyday, we are guided by our goals of our last wish, to carry on our legacy, the best we can.

We got nothing to lose.

We do our very best, because at last, we bring nothing to the grave.

Material things are to be passed on, to benefit others the best way.

Isn’t that a good cause for living?

Being mortal, remembering death, aspire us to live to the fullest, prepare for the inevitable.

Published by Hanafiah

Elevating awareness above all else, material.

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