Ignorance vs knowledge

I am an advocate to fight common ignorance to the right approach of personal finance.  

This page is designed to do just that – fight ignorance, and replace it with proper knowledge and understanding of financial planning, which is widely recognised and practised by international financial planning communities.

To be honest, we are, including me, at the mercy of our own weakness when come to managing our finance. We are not being thought about personal finance since we are kids. As a result, this knowledge deficit follow us until today.

Our ignorance, leave us in the dark, and we keep doing the same financial mistakes, and expecting different result. 

Take investment for example, we seek for shortcuts whenever possible to reap unrealistic profit, we fall prey to the word “guaranteed” return whenever being advertised, we believe beyond doubt the advice of “master trainers” and internet gurus which come and go, and of course we fall victim to “herd mentality” or FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and invest our money where the herd invest in, and not forgetting our big fat ego, we deny our own mistakes, and we repeat the same thing.

Have you ever heard of investment companies going bankrupt everyday? No?

And have you ever heard of individuals fall bankrupt almost everyday? Yes?

Those investment companies are aware of certain systematic process and strategies to win in their investment pursuit.

Now, do you have an investment strategy? I mean the real one, as detailed in your own Investment Policy Statement. No?

When we are ignorant, we lose.

When we are aware, we win.

This is only one example in the area of investment planning. 

There are many other shortfalls in our understanding of cash flow, emergency fund, household networth, risk management planning, estate planning, retirement planning and tax planning.

This page is mostly promoting education and awareness to address those areas, and this page is free from product pushing.

However, I am not promising anything, and I do not give direct advise in this page. 

You should read my disclaimer and instead seek specific advise from your own advisor.

Speaking about advisor, I am a CFP Practitioner, with CMSRL and FAR licensed by Securities Commissions and Bank Negara Malaysia, respectively. My CMSL company is Phillip Wealth Planners Sdn Bhd. 

Should you have burning desire to change the way you manage your finance, you need help specific to you, and you are 100% willing to follow your own decision, I can be your partner-in-finance (not partner-in-crime) and together we go through the exciting financial planning process, which will help you raise your level of awareness and ease your financial decision making, leading to achieve your life goals. 

You see, opinion is the cheapest commodity, everyone has it. 

However, professional advice specific to your situation with no attachment and no commitment to sell you any financial products, only pure advisory, is I believe a worthwhile service for the consideration that you pay.

Let’s fight ignorance.

Let’s lift our financial intelligence.

Let’s prosper and reach our life goals. 

Thank you.

Published by Hanafiah

Elevating awareness above all else, material.

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